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Joachim Lehrer

Joachim Lehrer, born 1954 in Reutlingen, knows the reality and chooses the dreams. He drove lorries for his living in two years of business. After that he studied electrical engineering, changed to the realm of german philology, history of art and rhetoric, began to work in the silence, since 1983 he lives as free artist.

He paints minute: exact, patient, carefully. He applies glazes, layer by layer with transparent stale. Not a layer covers another.

Light will be catched, depth convey. Mobile technic is an object, however his automotices reached their final destination. Wrecks in photo realistic nature? Certainly not, Lehrers nature derive from a fairy world. Past masterly he paints with details, combines with fantastic landscapes: surreal, odd, gorgeous.

He lets the Borgwars Isabella TS-Coupé symbolicly like a piece of blast to rise to the heaven, memory to a disaster.

Right in the middle of daily routine the proud company disapeared from the screen. Like unknowing Carl F. W. Borgward wanted to fill up fuel, Joachim Lehrer sees the scene. Rust is showing up after three decades, but immortal is Borgwards most attractive car as a memory to a dream with a bitter end.