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Viro Arnold

Viro Arnold, born in Erivan, Armenien, had as young artist in the age of six his first publications in youth magazins and newspapers. His art should rules his whole life.

After years of studies at art schools a study at the art academy St. Petersburg followed.

Sind 1996 he lives and works as artist in Stuttgart.
After years beeing in the hip hop scene, in Germany and the USA, Viro Arnold was pushed more and more into spotlight.

Since more the five years Viro Arnold put national and international rap and r'n'b artists to the content of his works. Every elaborate painting gathers the strong expression through the collaboration of the strong characters and the integration in the complete artwork.

Viro Arnold understands to melt not like any other the effect of colors, realistic painting and collagen like elements. It is developing more than a portrait or pure imaging.

The immediate noticable power, that his paintings emit, brought him many orders of numerous big numbers in show business: For example DON KING, BUSTA RHYMES (Rap artist, NYC) Mr. Cartoon (Tatto artist, Soul Assassins, LA), Scorpio (Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five, Rap artist, NYC, Snoop Dogg (Rap Artist, LA), the list ist still growing.