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Snezana Markulin was born on 9 January 1966 in Belgrade, where she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1989. She worked in the construction industry for furniture design and decoration. She is one of the founders of Artipolis studios. In 2004 Snezana worked on paper engineering and graphic design for the confectionery industry. Since 2004 she has been working on numerous classic car restoration projects, where her love for cars developed. Today Snezana lives and works in Slovenia, Ljubljana Snezana is a member of the Artipolis studio in Belgrade.


Portrait has been an object of my interest thought my whole life despite the fact that my early attempts as a student to sell my early portraits never bore any fruit. This early experience led me to believe that I would never be able to develop in this field professionally and as a result all of my early portraits were done for my closest family. This all changed when Bobby, the driver for everything new in my life, suggested that I connect my two loves and paint a portrait of Steve McQueen with some of his cars. It didn’t take long for this and other paintings like it to find themselves across various galleries and museums across Europe such as Porsche Museum in Gmunt, Salzburg and most notably Conny’s Gallery in Stuttgart.

  • Paintings
  • Classic car interiors
  • Space planning
  • Graphics and photos
  • Functional sculptures
  • Paper engendering

I hope you enjoy the work presented on this website and I wish you lots of beautiful thoughtful designs of things in life. As someone who works across different countries and cultures, I can note that what is the same in every culture is that glow in someone’s eye for a good design, be it a car or a woman's purse.

Therefore people, I propose, give yourselves more aesthetics, you will enjoy more and the world will be a better place.

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