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Edith Wahl

1949born in Mautern/Niederösterreich
1969Abitur in Krems, after that study at the educational academy Krems
1971-83Art teacher in Vienna, parallel to that further education at Hubert Sielecki, HS for applied art, Vienna and at professor Colnago, nude portrait and portrait
todayRight now Edith Wahl is living and working in Mühlacker


1992"Jaidhof: von der Herrschaft zur Gemeinde" (illustrations)
1992"Wer steckt dahinter?"
30 Profillinien public figures
Michael Korth, Verlag Eichborn
since 199314 cover layouts and illustrations of guitar literature, Universal Edition Wien/London
2000 art calendar


7 solo exhibitions ("Streiflichter" 1-7) and several exhibitions with others

Her art

Edith Wahl's paintings are concrete, but not a reflection of nature.

She is painting like her emotions. She is detached by their forms but they are still recognizable as that what they should present, a rose, an orchid, iris or tree in fog. Her paintings aren't meticulousy planed and organised. With her spontanious way of painting she retaines dynamic and expression.

Only her portraits, most of them in oil, have unavoidably a concept. But in this case too, what have been confirmed by the client, the soul of the person resonate.

Humans in movement, like sportsman or dancer, besides flowers and landscapes are her preferred topics, because they come towards her style. Menschen in Bewegung, wie Sportler oder Tänzerinnen gehören neben Blumen und Landschaften zu ihren

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