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Jorge Ferreyra-Basso

Jorge Ferreyra-Basso was born in 1943 in Buenos Aires. After his high school diploma, he started to study engineering. Directly after his studies, he became chief of the design departement of General Motors Argentinia, in the year of 24.

1975 he began with paiting, a hobby, which gave him the necessary balance for his creativity for his regular occupation:

"Cars are my life. When i paint, i am moving in another world.

Since i am working for the automobile industry as designer, the painting of old cars returns the balance between occupational requirement and my own creativity.

My fingers are painting tools and for the direct contact with the material pastel chalk is the ideal medium to express my feelings, the power, that inherit in the small engines, to expell and the movement and life of them to bring to the picture.

I love impressionism."

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