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Jorge Miguel Garcia

"The automobile and the art are intimately tied. As an object, is one of the most beautiful combinations of forms, colours, shines and textures. In movement, is graceful, powerful and elegant. In full action, is vibrant, an artwork itself...
Jorge Garcia has dedicated his life to capturing the essence and spirit
The automobile lovers will be touched if they appreciate it through the eyes of an artist.
Jorge, through his work, transmits to the spectator a strident crash of colour, historic fidelity and beauty of details, introducing us in an exciting and incredible world"

Alfredo Parga
(Buenos Aires, December 11, 1924 - June 2, 2004) was one of the most famous Argentine writers and journalists, dedicated to racing

Jorge has been dedicated all his life to the automotive art in all its ways. His passion for the automobile became apparent in his first publications while working for important companies and agencies in his country. In 1983 he began to collaborate with Road & Track, Motor 16, Marlboro and car's magazines. These opportunities allowed him to be recognized as an international specialist. With Marlboro he painted The History of Formula 1 which is now on permanent display at the Juan M. Fangio Museum.
But if race cars engaged him professionally, Classic Cars won his heart. Jorge have had ever a special love for them. For that passion, he has been invited many times at the Meadow Brook Hall, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and Classic Cars Shows winning a Gold Medal in 1986 and Awards of Excellence in 1998 and 2002. He exposed in London, to the 45 Anniversary of Ferrari and Maserati, the International Motoring Art, Retromobile, Salon del Diseño and Expo-Motors of Argentina.
In 2002, Michael Schumacher received a painting of Jorge for his five championships by hands of Jose Froilan Gonzalez (sponsored by Fox, Shell and Bridgestone)

Many private collectors have acquired his crisp and colorful paintings. He has created numerous works for advertising, posters for sports events in Latin America and Marlboro calendars, with the automobile as subject of all his creations.

International Awards

  • 1983 - THREE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - SILA 23 - Soc. of Illustrators of Los Angeles.
  • 1986 - GOLD MEDAL - SILA 25 - Soc. of Illustrators of Los Angeles.
  • 1998 - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Meadow Brook Hall - Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • 2001 - 2ND. PRIZE - International Motoring Art - London.
  • 2002 - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Meadow Brook Hall - Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Jorge Miguel Garcia with Fangio