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Ramona Haubold

born in 1970 in Vaihingen an der Enz, Ludwigsburg area. Since 2007 living in Prag and Backnang, Rems-Murr area.

After study of languages (englisch/spain), three years stay in Santiago de Compostela, northern Spain (1994-1997).

Since 2000 as self-employed artist.

Several commissional works for a czech publisher and privat person.

Exhibitions (extract)

2001 Single exhibition at "Golem Club", Prag, Czech
2003 Single exhibitionin Santiago de Compostela, northern spain
2004 Single exhibition at hotel Palacio del Carmen, Santiago de Compostela, northern spain
2007 Triumph-Triday-Festival in Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Austria
2008 Single exhibition Mercedes-Benz

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It was JÜRGEN HAUBOLD, notRamona Haubold, to thank, that the whole correspondence of her uncle and the according pictures survived. Some years ago the artist examined the estate and began to use the historic photos as model for big oil paintings. "i was fascinated by the historie of Jürgen and Ago, that i had to transform ist artistic", she remembers. FInally she used the possibility, to address to GIACOMO AGOSTINI at a historic racing event. She showed him the pictures of the old times. The otherwise so distanced appeared AGOSTINI was hit emotionally. Today AGOSTINI and the nice of the former friend write and meet in irregular intervals. GIACOMO AGOSTINI authorised Classic Motors, to publish this unusual story of an remarkable friendship.

CONNY CONSTANTIN of CC Kunst publishes the pictures by Ramona Haubold exclusivly.