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Rüdiger Eschert

Rüdiger Eschert was born in 1940 in Wiesbaden. Studied in the graphics business.

After his study, illustration and free graphics at Prof. Karl-Heinz Meyer, completed with award, he went to Düsseldorf, where he worked as free artist for agency, publishers and for exhibitions.

  • ZDF Redaktion Sport
  • Deutsches Sport and Olympia Museum Köln
  • Ars Mundi
  • ART Basel
  • Rosenthal, Essener City Cup
  • Wall presentations for BRD Pavillon at the EXPO in Vancouver
  • SIS New York
  • Rüdiger Eschert lives and works in Essen.
  • Member of RKB (Ruhrländischer Künstlerbund)

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Parts of his works: