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News from 03/24/2021


When looking at the lines of unique, complex curves that circulate in both directions at the same time  -inspired by the perfect shapes of nature-
reminiscent of "water drops" a tear, "teardrop / goutte d'eau" falling from the sky.
Figoni tinkered beautiful bodies on Bugatti and Duesenberg, he made a name for himself above all with his superstructures for Delage. The teardrop shape was eventually expanded to include many other great French automobiles in the 1930s.
It wasn't just a fad, though, as Figoni's cars won many races and were among the fastest on the streets too. His collaboration with the Italian businessman and investor Ovidio Falaschi gave birth to some of the most beautiful cars ever made, and their impact on the way a car used aerodynamics led to a revolution that continued for decades, until the end of the 1950s and even to this day the Talbot Lago with the Teardrop Coupé is a classic beauty and ahead of its time in all areas.

perfectly set in stage in an artwork by Alfredo de la Maria "TALBOT LAGO GOUTTE D'EAU".